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81 Speedway4/20/2024Alternative Pest Management USRA Modifieds
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81 Speedway4/20/2024Kansas Tow Company USRA B-Mods
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81 Speedway4/20/2024JLR Property Managment 316 A-Mods
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81 Speedway4/20/2024TM Fencing LLC Super Stocks
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81 Speedway4/20/2024Rage Jerky Mini Stocks
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81 Speedway4/20/2024Allied Energy and Battery, Inc Stock Cars
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81 Speedway3/30/2024JLR Property Managment 316 A-Mods
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81 Speedway3/30/2024TM Fencing LLC Super Stocks
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81 Speedway3/30/2024410 Sprints - Winged
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81 Speedway3/16/2024Enduro
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Points Standings

Alternative Pest Management USRA Modifiedsas of 4/20/2024
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Kansas Tow Company USRA B-Modsas of 4/20/2024
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JLR Property Managment 316 A-Modsas of 4/20/2024
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TM Fencing LLC Super Stocksas of 4/20/2024
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Rage Jerky Mini Stocksas of 4/20/2024
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Allied Energy and Battery, Inc Stock Carsas of 4/20/2024
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Park City
The Glassman
Heartland Coca-Cola
Kansas Drive to Zero
BACK-TO-BACK: Corey Day Drives from 7th-to-1st at...
Race Season is Here! Register NOW!!
WE’RE BACK: New-Look Kubota High Limit Racing Retu...
Full House Brings wins for Solander and Sweet
HIGH LIMIT RACING Tickets, Tickets, Tickets !!  Ge...
BACK-TO-BACK: Corey Day Drives from 7th-to-1st at...

BACK-TO-BACK: Corey Day Drives from 7th-to-1st at...

4/17/2024 -
With a different design and a new sponsor at a never-before-seen track, Corey Day still did what Corey Day does on Tuesday night at Red Dirt Raceway -
Race Season is Here! Register NOW!!

Race Season is Here! Register NOW!!

4/15/2024 - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *DRIVERS: Click the above link to get registered before the upcoming race weekend. ! We are
WE’RE BACK: New-Look Kubota High Limit Racing Retu...

WE’RE BACK: New-Look Kubota High Limit Racing Retu...

4/9/2024 -
MOORESVILLE, NC – APRIL 9, 2024 – After a 49-day break, Kubota High Limit Racing returns to the track this weekend with plenty to talk about. A trio o
Full House Brings wins for Solander and Sweet

Full House Brings wins for Solander and Sweet

3/30/2024 -
*Park City, Kansas March 30th 2024 *Saturday night was a night of firsts at 81 Speedway. The NOS Energy Drink World of Outlaws were in town along with
HIGH LIMIT RACING Tickets, Tickets, Tickets !!  Ge...

HIGH LIMIT RACING Tickets, Tickets, Tickets !! Ge...

1/17/2024 -
5/1/2024 - 81 Speedway Park City, KS The Kansas Klash - Midweek Money Series Race No. 3 Race No. 3 for the High Limit Racing Midweek Money Series! $20

Hall of Fame

2024 81 Speedway Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee's Craig Miller, Hutchinson, Ks. Driver / Car Owner Ron McAninch, Wichita, Ks. Driver / Car Owner Bob Breising, Wichita, Ks. Car Owner Garry Riley, Wichita, Ks. Car Owner Delbert Smith, Wichita, Ks. Driver

2000: LaVern Nance, Car Builder. Walt McWhorter, Driver. Jay Woodside, Driver. Roy Bryant, Driver. Harold Leep, Driver. Forrest Coleman, Driver. Dale Reed, Driver. Pinky Mullens, Driver. George Riley, Driver. Clyde Smith, Car Owner. Pius Selenke, Car Owner. Bryson Mills, Track Attorney. Elmer Stilwell, Driver/Car Owner. Ken Sweet, Driver. Oren Haas, Driver. Ernest Ramey, Driver. Frank Lies, Driver. Jack Petty, Driver. Bud Haehn, Driver. Charlie Lutkie, Driver. Evertt Issac, Car Owner. Paul Kammerer, Driver

2001: Grady Wade, Driver. Bill Hall, Original owner of 81 Speedway (1963). Chet Wilson, Engine Builder. Willie "Wheelchair" Heatwole, Track Announcer. Gary Moore, Driver. Robert Billups, Car Owner, Glen Stults, Driver/Car Owner. Arnold Stoner, Driver/Car Owner. Emmett Carpenter, Natl Speed Sport New. Warren "Jelly" Willhelm, Car Owner. John Hebb, Engine Builder. Mel Montgomery, Driver. Bill Bookout, Driver. Charlie Laing, Driver/Car Builder. Bill Nelson, Driver. Tom Lutkie, Driver. Herb Copeland, Driver. Orville Beckel, Driver.

2002: Shirley Hall, Original owner of 81 Speedway (1963). Vickie Houle, Concession Mgr. M.B. Smith, Track Official. Al Alexander, Track Official. Bo Cline, Track Announcer. Roy Pulver, Car Owner. Harry Nickel, Track Announcer. Art Bybee, Car Owner. Buddy Carrell, Driver. Harold Buckley, Car Owner. Bob Glasse, Car Owner. Harold Harms, Car Owner. Pete Forshee, Car Owner. Gerald Doty, Car Owner. Red Forshee, Car Owner. Pete Jacobs, Driver. Steve Kammerer, Driver. Ed Schauf, Driver. Clark Racer, Driver. Ted Reed, Car Owner.

2003: John Rush, Car Owner. Arkie Findley, Driver. George England, No. Am. Racing Ins. Ted Vogan, Driver. Frank Dickerson, Driver.

2004: Dale Oelkers, Driver/Car Owner. Larry Hall, Car Owner. Bernie Gill, Car Owner. Rich Wilson, Driver John Breising, Engine Builder. Pius Selenke, Car Owner. Bob Reed, Driver. Elmer Stillwell, Driver/Car Owner.

2005: Loretta Cox, Ks. Antique Racers. Jerry Everhart, Driver. Sandy Coleman, Souveiner Trailer/Office. AJ Shepard, Driver. Jon Johnson, Driver. Jerry Stone, Driver. Shelby Steenson, Driver. Dick Coleman, Track Official.

2006: Ron Cuda, Driver/Car Owner/Track Announcer. Charlie Lee, Safety-Tech Official. Ray Riner, Driver/Car Owner. RD Gourley, Driver/Car Owner. C. Ray Hall, General Manager

2007: Al Davis, Car Owner.. Bill "Chief" McAninch, Car Owner. Jerry Wilson, Driver/Engine Builder. FL Jarvis, Driver.

2008: Jack Walker, Car builder. Don Collins, Car Owner. Jim Foster, Car Owner. Mike Peters, Driver. Leon Dewitt, Engine Builder.

2009: Nancy Keeler, Concessions. Gary Stephens, Track Official. Frank McGehee, Driver. Nunie Coleman, Track Official/Driver. Mel Shipman, Driver/Car Owner.

2010: Dwight Schroeder, Driver. Dalice Franz, Car Owner. Jim Selenke, Driver/Car Owner. Russell Keeler, Track Official. Rick Mueller, Driver.

2011: Carroll Allen, Driver. Doug Wiss, Track Official. Bob Lawrence, Driver/Historian. Lloyd Farr, Driver/Car Owner. Danny King, Car Owner.

2012: Van Gemmill, Driver Dave Moore, Driver, Steve Lutkie, Driver Darrell Baker, Emergency Crew Warren Hardy, Track Announcer

2013: Charles Omerod, Driver, Joe Hobbs, Mechanic & Tech, Al Hall, Driver, Jerry Soderberg, Driver

2014: Bill Rigsby, Driver, Jerry Leep, Photographer, Larry Pankratz, Car Owner, Joe Aldershof, Crew Member

2015: Steve Bush, Driver, Darrell Beckham Sr, Car Owner, Chuck Curl, Employee, Lena Smith, Car Owner, Cecil Dougan, Photographer

2016: Ernie Fraizer, Engine Builder, Bob Billups, Driver, Jim Petty, Media, Claudey Brewer, Track official

2017: Craig Miller, Driver, Delbert Smith, Driver, Bob Breising, Car Owner/Engine Builder, Garry Riley, Car Owner, Ron McAninch, Driver/Car Owner

2018: Lonnie Smith, Driver, Don Foster, Driver/Car Owner, Jack Lamb, Driver, Mike Cornelison, Photographer, Mike Roeder, Track Official

2019 Sherman Cummins Mechanic
2019 Mike Fatkin Mechanic
2019 Mylisa Powers Track Official
2019 Johnny Whitmore Driver/Track Official
2019 Richard Wilson Driver
2019 Randy Wilson Driver
2019 Brian Franz Driver
2019 Marc Robe Driver/Car Owner
2019 Brian Powers Driver
2019 Greg Stephens Driver/Builder
2019 Buddy Mullens Driver/Builder
2019 Sam Smith Mechanic
2019 Scott Coleman Track Official / Car Owner
2019 Troy Keeler Track Official
2019 Larry McDaniels Driver
2019 Paul Savage Wichita Hall Of Fame
2020 Dane Shockey Driver/Car Owner
2020 David Allen Lettering, Fabrication, Bodys, T-Shirts
2020 Frank Key Driver/Car Owner
2020 Don Renfro Driver
2020 Rick England Driver
2021 Dick Walker Driver
2021 Ruben Stoner Track Official
2021 Don Green Engine Builder
2021 Rob Glasse Driver
2021 Terry Deatherage Driver
2022 Due to going from winter to summer presentations, there were none for 2022
2023 R.B. Flynn Driver/Car Owner/Fabrication
2023 David Harrison Fabrication/Mechanic
2023 David Frost Videographer
2023 Dixie Frost Videographer/Concession